Our Story

Founded in 2019 by Marnix Cornelisse, DiabetesGel (Fast Acting Gel) is an easy and healthy alternative to the current drinks and tablets needed to treat hypoglycemia. Marnix was first familiarised with diabetes back in 2015 when an avid athlete and close friend of his was diagnosed with diabetes. Not soon after this, Marnix attended a speedskating event where a well-known speedskating coach suffered severe hypoglycemia – this was the lightbulb moment that Marnix needed to create his product.  

Diabetesgel and TORQ. 

Insearch of a healthy alternative for diabetics, Marnix met Matt. Matt is the founder of TORQ sports nutrition. Over the years, Matt regularly received
positive feedback from people with Type 1 diabetes due to the rapid rise in blood glucose during a hypo.  Diabetics have the same needs as an athlete during hypoglycemia as both require a rapid release of carbohydrates into the blood stream. In association with TORQ, DiabetesGel (Fast Acting Gel) was developed. 

Difference between TORQ Gel and DiabetesGel 

Unlike TORQ Gel, DiabetesGel is not designed for use whilst doing sports. The specific purpose of DiabetesGel is to administer carbohydrates
during hypoglycemia in a healthy way. However, you can also use DiabetesGel during exercise if needed.