Our Story

Matt from TORQ and Paul from Team BG first started talking back in 2012, because Paul (then recently diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes) was having significant success with TORQ products, using them as fuel source during his regular exercise sessions. Matt had also previously received feedback over the years from other people with Type 1 diabetes praising the TORQ Gelformulation in particular for its effectiveness in raising blood sugar rapidly during a hypoglycaemic episode.

It soon became apparent that a parallel existed between the needs of an athlete whilst exercising and a person with Type 1 diabetes during a hypoglycaemic episode – they both need the fastest possible delivery of carbohydrate – a formulation that will get into the blood quicker than any other. Naturally, and as a consequence, the A1c Gel was born from this a joint initiative between TORQ and Team BG.

Unlike the TORQ Gel, the A1c Gel isn’t intended for use during exercise (although it could be if you wanted to use it as a measured 15g carbohydrate fuelling dose), but for the specific purpose of delivering carbohydrate in the fastest possible manner during a hypoglycaemic episode.

The A1c gel represents only the start of TORQ and Team BG’s journey together however. Over the coming months, the pages of this website will continue to expand, providing information and education on how to live better with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes and how to reduce the likelihood of developing Type 2 in the first place.